Welcome to The Gathered Lifestyle.

Based in Santa Cruz, California founders Saara and Leigh have developed a love for conscious interior styling. 

We aim to make styling your home approachable while embracing the concepts of sustainability, minimalism, and slow home.

Aino Saara Boyer

Originally from Finland and spending a decade living in California, Saara has recently found herself back in Europe- this time calling Copenhagen, Denmark home. Saara is inspired by quaint spaces around the world, expanses of nature, her family and the design of her motherland. With a holistic approach to design, Saara creates healing spaces for those who are looking to feel more grounded and supported within that space. Through the use of earthen colors, textures, and materials, Saara brings in a touch of her Northern Soul and Western Spirit to interiors of homes.

Leigh McGilvray

Originally from Scotland, Leigh spent time living and working in Barcelona before putting down roots in California. With an interest in biophilic design; the practice of using elements that distinctly reflect the natural environment to increase occupant connectivity to it, Leigh aims to create spaces that deepen our relationship with nature. By incorporating natural elements and textures along with a conscious use of color, Leigh invites a sense of what it means to be home.

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